Tamil Nadu private schools told to collect 75% fees this academic year:

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Tamil Nadu school education department’s direction comes after complaints that some of the private schools are pressuring parents to pay the fees for the entire academic year.

The Tamil Nadu school education department has directed private schools to collect only 75 per cent of their fees from students for this academic year. The direction comes after parents complained about private schools pressuring them to pay the entire school fee for the academic year , according to the Tamil language newspaper Dinakaran. The department also instructed the schools to collect 40 per cent of the fees in the first instalment and the rest 35 per cent in the second one.

All the educational institutions were closed in Tamil Nadu on April 24 following the second wave of Covid-19. The Tamil Nadu government is yet to announce the reopening of the schools.

Considering the Covid-19 pandemic situation , private schools should collect only 75 per cent of the fees for this academic year. The first instalment of 40 per cent could be collected by August 31. The remaining 35 per cent could be collected two months after the schools reopen. The government will decide on the remaining 25 per cent of school fees based on the Covid-19 situation in the state , the circular noted.

Unlike the first wave , the second wave ravaged the state resulting in more infections and deaths. The second wave and the lockdown drained the sources of people’s livelihood and many are finding it difficult to afford the education cost of their wards. Under these circumstances , there were complaints that some private schools are forcing the people to pay the entire school fees for the academic year 2021-22.

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