Government school teacher developed an online radio for marginalized students.

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covid pandemic has been one of the most testing times in the recent past and to find a ray of hope during this period is what brings about the change. At a time when children are facing difficulty attending online classes, in the district of Cuddalore a few government school teachers have come together to teach children through online radio.

Schools across the country have been closed due to the pandemic, therefore, online classes is the only way to take classes. But unfortunately, students from the marginalised sections have been extremely affected because of the lack of resources like internet, laptop or mobile phone.

To combat this, a government school teacher, A. Karthikrajah, for his students had started an online radio for his students. What started off as a small initiative has become a massive success amongst students and teachers of different schools.

Merits of online radio to marginalised students

The state-wide online education radio station that Karthikraja has started can run even with low internet bandwidth. The radio station can be used in 2g phones as well. Students from classes 1 to 8 can attend the classes of all subjects on radio.

“When education television came along, the idea was that it could be done on the radio as well. However, during that time people were doubtful about using the radio. As the coronavirus hit the country, the importance of online radio was understood for education

I started this for our school students in November last year. Nothing big was done then. I started Educational Radio as an experimental endeavor that only 10-15 people could hear at a time. Because I did not know about online radio then, I thought TV and radio were the big things. But I was also happy to learn that radio can be started online. Following the response, I came to know about the next facility through the internet. Now, anyone can listen to our radio,” says Karthikrajah

Bharat, an 8th standard student, said, “we are from a financially backward class and these online radio classes have been helping us tremendously. Especially because the amount we have to spend on the internet is very less now.”

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