‘Shaastra’, India’s First Science and technology magazine launched by IIT Madras

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The Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Madras has launched a first-of-its-kind Technology Based Magazine called as ‘Shaastra’. This will be the first Science, technology and innovation magazine published by an indian institute. This magazine aims to target mass audience interested in science and tech development around the globe.

The print editions of shaastra will be published every two months while the online edition will be available all time on the website shaastramag.org. The access to magazine will be free-of-cost for all the readers from india and other countries. The magazine is supposed to cover global trends engaging more foreign audience.

Shastra is conceptualised by a team of experts which primarily focuses on exhibit the indian perspective to the modern developments and innovation in the field of science and technology. The magazine will share about the potential impact of new S&T advancements on india, the indian public and industrial sectors.

Shaastra is supported by around 50,000 Alumni of IIT Madras.This will act as a community which will share their point-of-view on different fields related to science and technology developments like industrial applications, academics, modernization, etc. The goal is to share cumulated informative content across the group of readers.

Professor Bhaskar Ramamurthi, the Director of IIT Madras, said, “Many institutes run journals, which contain academic peer-reviewed papers. But this is a different endeavour. Shaastra is a Science, Technology and Innovation magazine, something that was missing from India – and the entire world is our canvas. It will present an India-centric view.”

The first edition of magazine is supposed to release very soon. This edition will highlight the efforts of Indian scientist and researchers against fighting the COVID-19 virus with the help of modern Tools and techniques available in the country. It will also share about the breakthrough of vaccine development by indian companies.

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