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Distance Learning Ideas: Arts

Teaching any arts classes during this time might feel overwhelming, but arts teachers are finding that helping their students appreciate the beauty in the world is more important now than ever.

One teacher from Hopatcong, N.J., wants to keep the arts on students’ minds. “I have made videos for all of the art lessons, providing step-by-step guided instruction. I was fortunate enough to send all of my students home with brand-new art supplies. The kids are doing great.”

Another educator is still having students participate in gallery walks to look at each other’s artwork. “I use Google Slides as a virtual gallery walk. Students can use the comments feature to comment on each other’s work.”

Distance Learning Ideas: Be Student-Centered

Most importantly, remember that all the lessons, activities and meetings with our students are to make sure students feel safe and connected to learning in some way. Some teachers are putting a lot of work on the front end to ensure students’ lessons meet their individual needs.

One teacher said that she and her co-teacher are “looking at test results and figuring out what students mastered and what they independently need to do while out of the classroom. A lot of work for the teacher, but more meaningful for the students.”

Other educators are focusing on project-based learning.

One teacher suggests that educators “pay attention to the student’s interests, talents and gifts. Keep his/her schoolwork during this time related to his/her interests (assignment on baseball, for example). Acknowledge the importance of their interests/talents.”

Another educator, from East Lansing, Mich., wants his students to feel like they have a choice in what work they complete. He is “emailing out OPTIONS for my students to keep them actively learning and engaged.”

There’s no right or wrong way to engage in distance learning right now. We would love to know what you’re doing. What is working for you and your students?

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