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Distance Learning Ideas: English Language Arts and Writing

English language arts and writing educators have gotten super creative when it comes to their students’ assignments.

One teacher is using Google Docs to have students collaborate despite the distance. “One thing I love to do,” she said, “is have students correct each other’s writings. Individual students check for grammar, spelling, punctuation, etc. They provide ideas to make writing better.”

Other teachers encourage collaboration by having students explain literary devices on Flipgrid.

Some educators are also bringing back the telephone and having students collaborate on vocabulary assignments and then email them to their teacher.

Journaling or expressing one’s feelings can be very important during this time.

One kindergarten teacher from New Jersey feels like technology is too much for her students. She has her students working with pencil and paper, and their parents text or email pictures of their kids’ work at the end of the day. With older students, however, it’s possible to have students complete journals online.

One fourth-grade teacher has her students complete daily journals via Google Classroom.

Journals can also be private, as this teacher from Seaside, Ore., suggests: “My students all have a journal that I purchased for them. I asked them to write daily and to let me know what page they wrote in. I don’t need to see what they wrote, it’s personal and private!”

Another important reading tip to note: Many publishers understand the hardships some students are facing by not being able to complete their read-aloud books before schools closed. Some have loosened copyright rules and are allowing educators to use a virtual platform to read aloud to their students. Go to their websites to find out which publishers are working with teachers right now to make this happen

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