A 5-step admission strategy for schools

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Few tips & tricks to increase your school admissions.

Harnessing student motivations

Choosing a school is a highly emotional decision and emotion play a huge role in motivating and encouraging a student to take the first step. Understanding what drives your prospects will empower you to create better marketing messages and admission pitch.

Story telling as a tool

What’s your story as an institution? In the heat of enrollment targets, one common mistake marketing and enrollment teams often make is forgetting that a school is a brand too and must be built like one

Online properties: Website & Social Media

But, when you create these stories, the next question would naturally be, where do I tell these stories? This is where social media & Website comes into play. Today’s students rely on their times lines for their motivation, research and even opinions.

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Reducing Response Time through Automation

Today’s generation wants instant answers to their queries. Education marketers who don’t adjust to this generation’s Communication style may run the risk of being unable to effectively connect with them.

Dynamic Engagement Strategies Millennial have grown up in a digital world, where everyone s trying to sell to them. They are pretty smart at judging the intent behind the messages sent their way. Among so much noise, they look for something that is personal to them and can add value to their lives

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