10 Things That Will Help You In Study

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It is very difficult to study and any student needs rest. Today, let’s talk about how to learn to be distracted from school and not get stressed.

Studying is hard, right? But that doesn’t mean it has to be a daily struggle. There are several things that can help you succeed throughout the year without putting in long hours… and make this process more fun! Start with getting yourself some cool and unique motivational posters, cute stationary, and follow our next advice.

  1. Study with a buddy
    You will have so much more motivation if you study with a friend. Moreover, you probably have different notes, so it will be so much easier to gather all the information needed for a test. Also, it is more enjoyable to study with a friend than to study alone. While preparing for a test together, you can come up with some crazy ideas. Like planning parties, buying and putting together a crazy outfit, or even getting a stitch tattoo! You know, only fun stuff.
  2. Choose a perfect spot
    You can create your own spot at home. Just buy some pretty things and decorate your studying space. Also, make sure you have a good lightning. It will help you to stay focused and boost your productivity. Sometimes a change in location can be helpful. So, go and study at one of those hipster coffee shops where they have cool music and nice atmosphere.
  3. Get up and go for a walk
    If you are struggling to prepare for the exam or do your homework, take a short break and go for a walk outside. You can also take your cool bikes with a friend and go cycling for an hour. Then you will be ready to continue your studying with a fresh new outlook.
  4. Relax
    Don’t forget to take regular breaks to rest your eyes when studying. Just look in the distance, up and then shut your eyes for a minute. But, if you feel like you are too tired and you just cannot finish your essay, then use a help from online writing company where you can order cheap essays from the best writers. However, you need to find the right balance between your study and rest.
  5. There is an app for that
    There are lots of apps that can help you study better and have some fun while doing it. With such apps as Duolingo and Memrise you can learn the new language by playing games. Memrise has some very funny pictures that will help you memorize words quickly. For instance, you can see a dog smile while learning the word ‘dog.’ Isn’t it adorable?
  6. Treat yourself
    We all work better when we know that there is a reward waiting for us. So, promise yourself to get a pizza, go for a coffee or get a new haircut after you finish writing that essay! Speaking of haircuts, have you seen that guy who got a bad haircut that looks literally like lego hair? It’s all over the Internet! Be careful and don’t end up like him.
  7. YouTube videos
    Yes, YouTube is more than helpful when it comes to studying. You can find a video tutorial on whatever topic you want to know. It is true that other YouTube videos can distract you. But that doesn’t mean you can’t watch another chicken playing piano video and have some fun before you continue studying!
  8. Listen to music
    Music can help you study. Not only it will boost your mood, but also engage parts of your brain that helps you pay attention and make predictions.
  9. Turn it into a game
    Try to make your studies more entertaining! You can use different quizzes, puzzles, and flashcards. All you need to do is come up with a game that is related to your subject. Also, you can turn studying into a game with your friends. We promise you will get so much fun while asking your friends all those tricky questions. Like did you know what country has some of the weirdest toys ever? The answer is Japan! Just try to google Japanese toys and ask your friends if they know something about it.
  10. Strengthen your attention
    Just 10 to 20 minutes of meditation will keep you calm and boost your attention significantly. So, from now on start your mornings off with focusing on your breath if you want to stay focused on your studies for hours

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