5 Best Republic Day Celebration Ideas for School: 26 January Celebration in India

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26th January is an auspicious and prestigious occasion in the lives of every Indian. This special day is celebrated with great vigor as a tribute to the national heroes who sacrificed their lives for the freedom and honor of mother India. Schools, colleges, offices and all institutions celebrate this date by hoisting the national flag, hosting events and a lot more celebration to honor the date. School kids are mostly excited about the different events and celebration to make the day even more joyous. Here are some amazing ideas about Republic Day Celebration ideas for school that every child can use to celebrate this occasion in their schools.

A Tribute to the National Heroes

Our country, India celebrates the Republic Day every year to honor the date when “Constitution of India” came into force. The Constitution of India replaced the Government of India Act 1935 as a governing document of India on the special date – 26 January in 1950. 26 January celebration in India is a colossal activity in school where children explore the novelty of notions to enjoy this day with pride and enthusiasm and as a mark of reverence paid to all patriots who lose their lives for the well-being of our nation.

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Ideas for Republic Day Celebration at School

There are functions in school, poems, and 26 January anchoring speech scripts are delivered to enlighten everyone about this day. Some of the best ideas that students can implement to ignite this day with a plethora of fun, joy and pride are highlighted below.

Art Workshop

Children can show their creativity by organizing an art workshop at school. This will give them confidence to showcase their hidden talents. Such workshops are an opportunity for every child to try their hands on different forms of art and bring the best out of them. These programs can also be organized for underprivileged sections of society and for different orphanages.

Different pictures for drawing, photography competition, stitching, artifacts, and a lot more can thus be seen from many budding talents of the nation. Exhibitions can be held and the money accumulated can be donated to a NGO. It is a very welcoming exposure for all children to exhibit their talents.

Skits and Dramas

Skits and dramas are a wonderful way to depict the events of past before a major chunk of the crowd. Students in big numbers can participate and create a small enact on the lives or events while India fought for freedom and justice against the tyrannical British rule that lasted for several years.

The legends like ‘Bhagat Singh’, ‘Sukhdev Thapar’, ‘Shivaram Rajguru’, ‘Chandra Shekhar Azad’ and many more have battled and sacrificed their lives to win freedom. Republic Day quotes and skits can be used to depict events from their lives. It will also enlighten young minds about the history of the country. Small enacts with powerful dialogues and truth being highlighted is one of the wonderful event ideas to celebrate Republic Day of India at school.

Fancy Dress Competition and Sports

Children can dress as big shots, national heroes, leaders, models and as their inspirations and enjoy Republic Day with a fancy dress competition. Republic Day Parades and sport events can also be held to celebrate this day by appreciating an athlete or anointing a sports person. The main motive of the celebration is to take India ahead and bring out the best in every individual to contribute for a better and healthier nation. Such sports events can be an encouragement to all children who are sports lovers. Not everyone wants to a doctor and engineer after all!

Patriotic Songs and Speeches

Girls and boys can set up small dance performances which will invigorate their creativity and bring out the talent before everyone. They can share the stories of the national heroes and their fight via a small dance performance. This becomes challenging and a great opportunity for everyone to showcase their talent. Recitations and patriotic songs, speech for students by prominent chief guests can also be included as a different form to express the respect and love for nation by inspiring and encouraging the young ignited minds.

Theme based Stage Shows

Schools can raise funds by organizing theme based stage shows and donate this sum for the education and upliftment of the oppressed. ‘Save Girl Child’, ‘Educate the Poor’, ‘Respect Women’, etc. are the various themes which can be chosen by children who set up a small stage show and convey a message from it.

Small Miscellaneous Ideas

Songs and dances, specially choreographed for the occasion, plays on social themes can also be staged. Jhanki celebration on 26 January or maintaining a specific dress code or frying tri-colored balloons to mark uniformity in thoughts and vibrancies in ideas can also be used.

Republic Day is a pious and honorable occasion and hence and kind of funny jokes or flaks must be avoided to maintain the dignity and respect of this special day!

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