Kerala govt. issues guidelines on school reopening

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In the first week of school reopening from January 1, the first lot of students will attend classes for a maximum of three hours, starting from 9 a.m. or 10 a.m. If need be, another batch can also come in for three hours starting from 1 p.m. or 2 p.m.

In schools that have up to 300 students in class 10 and Plus Two grades separately, up to 50% of students can be present at a time. In schools where the student strength exceeds 300, 25% of students can attend classes at a time.
The General Education Department has issued detailed guidelines on precautions to be taken at the school-level in the wake of the government decision to bring back class 10 and 12 students to school to prepare them for the public examinations from March 17.


Number of students on the basis of class strength

As per the guidelines, the number of students who should attend in a day should be determined on the basis of total number of students in these classes, total number of classrooms available, and other facilities.

One student will occupy one bench in the first week. Students must maintain a physical distance of two metres from one another.

Students, teachers and other school staff who have COVID-19, symptomatic persons, and those in quarantine should come to school only after the number of days stipulated by the Health Department. Those who hail from families where people have tested positive for COVID-19 should avoid coming to school.

School premises, furniture, stationery, staff room, water tank, kitchen, canteen, laboratory, library, and toilets should be disinfected. Water sources such as tanks, wells, and others should also be disinfected as cases of water-borne infections are also being reported in the State.

Digital thermometer, masks, sanitizers, and soaps should be arranged in schools.

Physical distancing should be ensured in staff rooms too. Markings should be made in areas where drinking water is available, hands are washed, and in washrooms so that COVID-19 protocols are followed strictly.

Physical distancing should be observed in school buses and other vehicles. Thermal screening should be done before allowing students inside school buses. Masks are compulsory. Windows should be opened.

Whenever needed, health check-ups should be arranged for students and staff.

COVID-19 cell

Each school should constitute a COVID-19 cell, chaired by the principal or headmaster. The cell should meet once a week to review the situation. Local body councillor or ward member, school doctor or nurse, junior public health nurse, health inspector from a primary health centre, school parent-teacher association president, and students’ representative will be among the members of the cell. All activities of the cell will be documented.

School principals or headmaster will be responsible for drawing up school-level plans to decide how students should reach schools, the arrangements for examinations, and so on.

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