Year 2020 Wasted or Saved? With schools closed, were Online Classes a success?

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Online learning and classes have been the new normal for crores of students as schools have remained closed for most part of 2020 in India. But do you think they have been a success? Or just an eyewash?

Year 2020 was the year of the pandemic, lockdowns and Coronavirus. Life, as we knew was disturbed and the normal shifted. Schools shut, exams cancelled and millions of students left in the lurch. After the initial shock and lockdown, when no immediate reopening was in site, schools pulled back. The government went on war footing to ensure no loss of learning. Online learning portals, channels were launched. But were Online Classes successful?

Even as a large part of the student population in the country struggled to save, another half switched from offline to online. Homes started to resonate with lectures as students and teachers flickered on screens. ‘Online Classes’, activities and even examinations were conducted and academic year continued to progress.

Now, as year 2020 is almost at its end and the new academic cycle of exams looming large, the debate on the efficacy of the online education has started to prop up. Many have pointed out that online learning is not enough and that the year should have been cancelled. Others, however, have nothing but praises for online learning and how it came to the rescues of millions of students. What do you think?

Online Classes – a success or an eyewash?
Do you think online learning and education/ classes were able to salvage this academic year? Or do you believe year 2020 was wasted academically and should be declared a zero year? Share your opinion.

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