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Online classes: Poor students in Delhi struggle due to lack of internet  connections- The New Indian Express

Moving to a virtual classroom

As schools move to a remote learning environment, Teams can provide an online classroom that brings together virtual face-to-face connections, assignments, files, and conversations into a single platform accessible on a mobile device, tablet, PC, or browser.

To help make this process as simple as possible, we have created a best practices guide for school leaders and IT to get up and running quickly, so their students and staff to begin communicating remotely.

Once Teams is set up, educators and staff have the ability to create their own class in Teams, add selected students, share lessons, create assignments, collaborate virtually in real-time, and do grading and provide personalized feedback all in one hub.

A few quick tips from expert educators to help you get started:

  1. Have interactive discussions with your class by sharing your screen to present your lesson and encourage students to ask questions using the chat feature.
  2. You can show a film by sharing your system audio in a meeting.
  3. During a lesson, you can moderate the class discussion by muting students, making them presenters, or if needed, removing them from the meeting. Finally, record the lesson so students can review it on their own time.
  4. Record a class session in case some students can’t join during the live session.
  5. For assessments, you can easily create and grade quizzes in Teams using Microsoft Forms.
  6. Let your students know your office hours and when they can reach you for questions.
  7. Encourage students to use Immersive Reader in Teams to help them read messages and understand assignment prompts, enabling them to follow along and contribute.
  8. Create a Fun Channel. Have a virtual science fair or poetry reading group. This will go a long way with students of all ages.

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